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Low Speed Truck Handling

If you need to manoeuvre a truck and trailer around a yard as part of your job you will need some special skills and training on how to manoeuvre the truck safety and effectively. We run a course specifically for people whose main job is not truck driving but where shifting trucks is a necessary part of the job. For example a paint shop or maintenance workshop.

Our course is a PowerPoint presentation which we can deliver at your site using a truck provided by you so that it meets your specific workplace requirements. The course covers health and safety, what to look for in a circle check, start up, using a Road Ranger gear box, getting brakes and air pressure right, operating tipping decks, manoeuvring around hazards, manoeuvring trailers and shut down procedures.

You’ll get a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.

Call us to discuss cost as it can vary depending on the numbers in each course.

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